Temperature-controlled transport: refrigerated, heated and frozen express transport throughout Europe

Van Thiel Transport can arrange fast transport of your temperature-controlled goods in optimal conditions throughout Europe, so that your frozen or refrigerated shipment is delivered safely. Think frozen food, fish, meat, ice cream, vegetables, flowers or other goods. In the special deliveries vans, all your goods are transported under optimal conditions.

Our vans can be used for any temperature-controlled transport from -20 to 25 °C. Also have your products transported in ideal condition by Van Thiel Transport’s certified drivers.

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Urgent refrigerated transport: transport, distribution and storage

At Van Thiel Transport, we understand how important it is to deliver your refrigerated or frozen products safely and quickly. That is why we are happy to be your logistics partner: we take care of your refrigerated shipment from start to finish. We can jump in at any point in the logistics process: from transport to distribution and storage.

Transport of temperature-controlled products at up to three different temperatures: from -20 to 25 °C

Do you have a shipment containing goods that require different temperatures? In our special deliveries vans, we can set three different temperatures. Each van is equipped with a partition wall and its own cooling system. Each cargo area can be set to its own temperature. We also have a temperature-controlled trailer with its own refrigeration system.

Our vans are equipped with a thermostat that constantly monitors the temperature. A change is immediately noticed by our trained drivers. This way, they can intervene and act appropriately. They also oversee the loading and unloading of your temperature-controlled goods to ensure that this is done in the right conditions.

Temperature-controlled transport throughout Europe: quickly on the road

Van Thiel Transport uses special vans for conditioned transport throughout Europe, including to destinations that are difficult to reach or private addresses. With our special deliveries vans, we deliver your urgent delivery anywhere.

With our 24/7 service, we are able to transport your goods quickly or at regular intervals. For example, we deliver temperature-controlled food to shops and superyachts on a weekly or monthly basis.

Do you have frozen products to transport to Belgium or Germany? Looking for refrigerated transport to Italy or France? With our network in Europe, we ensure that your shipment is transported quickly and safely to any city within Europe at your desired time. We also proactively keep you informed, so you know exactly where your shipment is.

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