Fast and safe Full Truck Load transport (FTL)

You want to deliver your cargo without delay and reliably, directly to your customer. With Van Thiel Transport’s Full Truck Load service, the driver drives directly to the final destination after loading, without intermediate loading and unloading. This ensures an optimal delivery speed and an accurately predictable arrival time. It also reduces the risk of damage. With Van Thiel Transport’s Full Truck Load service, you transport complete FTL shipments quickly and safely.

Want to get your FLT cargo on the road quickly? On business days, receive a response and/or quote within an hour on average.

An entire truck exclusively for your cargo

Full Truck Load by Van Thiel Transport utilises the entire truck for one shipment. This type of transport is often used for large shipments and loads that require special handling, such as temperature-controlled transport or ADR transport for dangerous goods. With Full Truck Load transport, you have total control over the content and filling capacity of the truck.

FTL or LTL? Always an optimal transport solution

Do you have a partial load? Then Van Thiel Transport offers Less Than Truck Load (LTL) or groupage transport. This involves aggregating goods from multiple parties and dividing transport costs between the senders. For partial loads, this is often the more (cost-)efficient solution.

But this is not always the case. Factors such as time, budget and specific characteristics and vulnerabilities of your goods may cause you to book a full truck for a smaller load anyway. Because FTL service can also have advantages for smaller loads, Van Thiel Transport also offers FTL transport for partial loads.

Customised transport for every cargo

Every cargo requires customised transport. Our expert staff will advise you on the best transport solution for your shipment:

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Want to quickly and safely get your entire cargo directly to its final destination?

Our expert staff will advise you on customised transport. This way, Van Thiel Transport delivers your goods as efficiently and economically as possible. Get in touch now or request a quote directly. On business days, you receive a response and/or quote within an hour on average.

Receive a response and/or quote within 1 hour on business days on average.