Fast delivery of international products with cross-border warehousing

You also want to be able to deliver international goods to your customer quickly. With cross-border warehousing from Van Thiel Transport, you are assured of short delivery times of your products from afar, e.g. from China.

Find out how Van Thiel Transport can reduce the delivery time of your international goods. Request a quote now and receive a response within an hour on business days on average!

Incoming containers from Asia & USA

Incoming containers often containing loose cartons, from Asia or the USA for example, are unloaded in our warehouses. 

If desired, we will put your goods on pallets for later delivery throughout Europe, according to the conditions set by the recipients of your goods. Including at all Amazon warehouses throughout Europe, where there are quite strict requirements that the delivered goods must meet.

We can also take care of the labeling of the cartons for you and of course we monitor your stock.

Storing international goods strategically in Europe

Increasingly, goods from around the world are being moved to warehouses in Europe before being offered. Cross-border warehousing gives customers short delivery times, as the international product is already in Europe at the time of ordering. When the product is ordered, it is quickly delivered anywhere in Europe.

With extensive experience in bringing in containers from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, Van Thiel Transport specialises in cross-border warehousing. We make use of partner warehouses in Bergschenhoek, Alblasserdam and Rotterdam. At our partner warehouse in Barendrecht, we temporarily store or reload refrigerated products. Strategically located near the port of Rotterdam, these sites offer nearly 10,000 m2 of surface storage space.

Save on taxes with efficient goods storage bonded warehouses

Efficient and cost-effective storage of goods from outside the European Union? As our partner warehouses are also bonded warehouses, goods from outside the EU can be stored without paying import duties and other levies. Only when goods enter the European market after storage are excise duties and taxes paid. Goods redelivered outside the European Union after storage in our warehouse are exempt from these taxes.

The warehouses have Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status. This offers a number of advantages to make customs clearance efficient and fast, such as fewer checks, priority of checks and choice of place of inspection.

Fast worldwide delivery via our bonded warehouse in China

Want to directly deliver your Chinese products worldwide? Van Thiel Transport is at your service with our bonded warehouse in Shenzhen. Van Thiel Transport ensures that your goods are picked up from locations in China (Ex Works) and brought to our warehouse. There, we load the container for you, which is then delivered to your desired global destination.

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