Full Container Load: your sea freight reliably door-to-door

Want to deliver your goods quickly and safely? Van Thiel Transport offers customised container transport that best suits your cargo. Full Container Load, or FCL transport, offers fast container transport, safely delivered door-to-door.

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Full Container Load means safe and fast transport of your sea freight

You want to ship your entire cargo safely via container transport. With Full Container Load service (FCL) by Van Thiel Transport, an entire container is used exclusively for your sea freight. Usually, this is door-to-door transport: at your facility, the container is closed and sealed and only upon arrival at the final destination is the container opened again. This minimises the risk of damage to your goods.

FCL transport is associated with fast transit times and an accurately predictable arrival time, as there is no need for loading and unloading between departure and arrival. And because you are the only one who decides what goes into the container, you will not experience delays due to extensive customs checks on other people’s goods.

FCL transport sometimes more advantageous for partial loads

FCL transport is generally used for high-volume shipments. But even if your shipment does not fill the entire capacity, it is possible to use a container exclusively for your cargo, as FCL transport offers you other advantages. Factors such as delivery speed, budget and specific characteristics and vulnerabilities of your goods can determine your choice of transport. Van Thiel Transport can help you make a decision that suits your needs and wishes.

Less Than Container Load (LCL)

FCL shipments are subject to a flat rate per container, even if the container is not fully filled. By volume, FCL is more economical when your shipment uses its full capacity. When your cargo does not fill the entire container, Van Thiel Transport offers Less Than Container Load (LCL). Van Thiel Transport’s expert staff will help determine the type of transport best suited for your shipment.

Incoterms: agreed delivery terms for your container freight

You want to avoid (financial) damage to your sea freight. Incoterms offer you tools for making agreements about your transport. Van Thiel Transport can advise you on this.

Incoterm FCA-A is specifically relevant to Full Container Load.

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