Fast, economical and reliable road transport throughout Europe

Save time and costs by leaving your entire logistics to Van Thiel Transport

You want to deliver your goods quickly, affordably and reliably to your customers all over Europe. Van Thiel Transport offers flexible road transport for any type of cargo. With every shipment, we ensure the most efficient transport solution. This will save you time and money. In 95% of transports, Van Thiel Transport is faster and/or cheaper.

Careful planning of your road transport allows us to load and deliver 99% of shipments directly. As your cargo does not have to be unloaded and loaded in between, the risk of damage is minimal. So your goods always arrive at your customer in top quality.

How much time and cost can you save on your road transport? Request a quote now and receive a response within an hour on business days on average.

Tailor-made road transport for every cargo

Every load is in trusted hands at Van Thiel Transport. We will put together a road transport that exactly matches your goods and requirements:

Contact us now and our expert staff will advise you on tailor-made (cost-)efficient transport.

Flexible transport solutions through regular scheduled services

Looking for fast transport of your goods? Van Thiel Transport’s regular scheduled services offer flexible transport solutions. Daily to weekly, our trucks leave for fixed destinations across Europe:

Van Thiel Transport is one of the largest freight forwarders to Germany and is your expert in fast and economical transport to fixed destinations in Germany.

Van Thiel Transport also takes care of your goods transport to any other destination in Europe. And of course, we also arrange your road transport from Europe to the Netherlands and Belgium.

Special Deliveries: your goods delivered at perfect temperature 24/7 throughout Europe

Your goods delivered superfast and in top condition: Van Thiel Transport transports your frozen, refrigerated or heated cargo 24/7 to anywhere in Europe. Our Special Delivery vans can carry goods at three different temperatures, from -20 to +25 degrees, in one transport.

Rush shipment? Contact us now and our Special Delivery vans will be on their way in no time.

Take advantage of our reliable logistics network

Good transport requires solid collaboration. Through years of experience, Van Thiel Transport has built a close-knit network in logistics. This allows us to respond quickly with our reliable partners throughout the transport chain. As a central point of contact, Van Thiel Transport is your spider in the logistics web.

Confidently outsource your entire logistics process

Want to outsource the entire logistics process with peace of mind? Besides versatile road transport, Van Thiel Transport offers additional logistics services, such as warehousing, arranging transport insurance and the import and export of your goods worldwide.

On hold to check the status of your shipment? Not at Van Thiel Transport. Here, we like personal contact. We proactively keep you informed throughout the logistics process. So you can leave your entire logistics process to us without worry. You do the business, we do the logistics.

Discover how Van Thiel Transport can streamline your logistics

Contact us now and our staff will advise you on an efficient and cost-effective customised transport solution. Or request a quote and receive a response within an hour on business days on average.

Receive a response and/or quote within 1 hour on business days on average.