Rail transport: fast and cheap container transport

Looking for fast and affordable container transport? With rail transport, Van Thiel Transport offers an attractive combination of speed and cost savings. In addition, transport by rail is a sustainable and safe solution.

Whether you have a full FCL cargo, or an LCL partial load, Van Thiel Transport will arrange your customised container transport by rail.

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Rail fast and affordable middle road for transport to and from China

Train transport is your fast and cost-saving solution for your container transport to and from China. Rail transport is cheaper than air transport and faster than sea transport. By train, your cargo to and from China will take around 17 days. By ship, it takes about 30-35 days.

Economical rail transport to European destinations

Rail freight also offers fast and cost-effective transport solutions within Europe. Container transport from the port of Rotterdam to various destinations within Europe is increasingly taking place by train. Once arrived at destination, Van Thiel Transport collects the container from the station and delivers it to the customer. And we take care of handing in the empty container.

Transport by rail sustainable and safe

Compared to other means of transport, transport by rail is economical. Trains are often electrically powered, so less CO2 emissions take place. In addition, costs are less affected by fuel surcharges and fluctuating oil prices.

Containers transported by road or sea can also be placed on trains. Reloading is often not necessary when your goods are moved from truck or ship to train. This minimises the risk of damage.

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