Economical transport to Zalando warehouses throughout Europe

Do you want to deliver goods to Zalando’s warehouses in Europe without worry? Van Thiel Transport will be happy to unburden you! Since 2017, we have specialised in delivering shipments to Zalando’s warehouses. This ensures that every shipment is transported efficiently and accepted without problems.

No more stress around the transport process? Van Thiel Transport can take care of all the logistics for you, from route planning to customs clearance. We can also collect your containers from China. We proactively keep you informed, so you know exactly where your shipment is and make sure it arrives at the right warehouses on time.

Problem-free delivery of every shipment to Zalando warehouses

Zalando has several warehouses in Europe that have specific requirements and demands for the acceptance of goods. Van Thiel Transport has been working closely with Zalando’s warehouses for years and knows the requirements of each warehouse in Europe. We ensure hassle-free delivery of your goods, so you don’t have to worry about the acceptance of your shipment.

Shipments to Zalando warehouses: flexible and inexpensive

Flexibility is important for every shipment, which is why van Thiel Transport offers flexible solutions that can be adapted to your specific promises and requirements. For small or large shipments; we ensure that transport to Zalando’s warehouses fits your business requirements.

We also ensure efficient delivery of your goods. We understand the importance of timely and reliable deliveries for your business and do everything possible to ensure that your goods arrive at Zalando on time. Our dedicated team of experienced drivers and logistics professionals ensures a smooth transport process, delivering your goods safely and without delay.

Zalando warehouses

Zalando has several warehouses spread across Europe, including in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France and Italy. The number of warehouses continues to expand, expanding Zalando’s logistics network. Since 2017, Van Thiel Transport has been working with Zalando’s warehouses, so we know all the requirements and demands for each warehouse. We expertly apply these to every shipment.

Regulation of international transport

International transport has different legal requirements and procedures. Our expert team knows these like no other and will ensure that your transport goes smoothly. Van Thiel Transport B.V. is the ideal choice for transport to Zalando’s warehouses across Europe. With our extensive knowledge, efficient and hassle-free deliveries, flexible transport solutions, competitive rates and excellent customer service, you can be confident that your goods are in good hands. Contact us today and find out how we can meet your transport needs.

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Receive a response and/or quote within 1 hour on business days on average.