Affordable and efficient road transport Germany

Van Thiel Transport is one of the largest road transporters to Germany, with dozens of deliveries throughout the country every day. Besides Full Truckload transport, Van Thiel Transport offers groupage transport with combined LTL loads to fixed destinations in Germany. With Van Thiel Transport as your logistics partner, you are assured of economical and efficient road transport to Germany.

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Streamline your logistics to Germany with our regular scheduled service

With Van Thiel Transport’s scheduled service, you rely on smooth and cost-effective handling of your road transport to destinations throughout Germany. The regular nature of the scheduled service ensures fast and flexible solutions for your road transport. Around 50 trucks travel daily to fixed destinations in Germany:

Discover economical, efficient and sustainable groupage transport

For years, Van Thiel Transport has been your specialist in groupage transport to Germany. In these composite transports, goods from different customers are bundled into one truck. Transport costs are shared between the sending parties. This makes your transport cheaper.

With groupage, optimal use is made of the truck. This ensures less travel movement and therefore less CO2 emissions. With groupage transport from Van Thiel Transport, you transport your goods (cost-)efficiently and sustainably.

Wondering how your transport to Germany can be more economical, efficient and sustainable? Request a quotation directly and receive it within an hour. This way, your goods will quickly be on their way to all destinations in Germany.

Flexible transport to major German transport hubs

Van Thiel Transport has extensive experience in road transport to international transport hubs in Germany. The Port of Hamburg is one of the largest ports in Europe and important for container transport worldwide. Frankfurt am Main Airport is important for international air freight. With Van Thiel Transport as your logistics partner, you are assured of flexible, fast and economical transport to these key links in global trade.

Your entire logistics process trusted and transparent

Van Thiel is more than transport: we are your partner in the entire logistics process. Besides versatile road transport, we have a wide range of logistics services. Warehousing, customs clearance, arranging transport insurance, import and export of your goods worldwide via road, rail, air and sea, Van Thiel Transport takes care of it.

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