International air transport fast and carefree

You want a fast and carefree transport connection with your customer outside Europe. Every day, Van Thiel Transport handles international shipments at Schiphol Airport. Not only do we offer efficient road transport to and from Schiphol Airport, we take care of your entire air transport process.

Van Thiel Transport helps with customs, logistics planning, laws and regulations, documentation and in making arrangements with your international customer. This way, you will never face surprises. With Van Thiel Transport as your logistics partner, smooth and efficient handling of your international air transport is guaranteed.

Want to outsource the entire logistics process without worries? Get in touch now and find out how Van Thiel Transport can streamline your international air transport.

Experts in customs clearance, logistics planning and legislation and regulations

Every day, countless goods are transported by plane worldwide. Keeping these transport flows running smoothly requires a lot of precision. Van Thiel Transport has extensive experience in handling international air transport and everything that comes with it.

Our expert staff are versed in all aspects surrounding your international air transport. Our expertise in customs clearance, logistics planning and compliance with international laws and regulations ensures smooth and efficient transport of your air freight.

Clear agreements with Incoterms

In your global air transport, you don’t want to face any (financial) surprises. Clear agreements on costs, risks and responsibilities are therefore important. Incoterms provide a set of internationally applicable guidelines for clearly dividing responsibilities for air freight between you and your customer. By including them in your documentation, you ensure clear communication about costs and risks. Van Thiel Transport advises you on which Incoterms best suit your transport.

Your air freight handled reliably and transparently

At Van Thiel Transport, we value reliability and transparency. Through years of experience within global logistics, Van Thiel Transport has built up a strong network. This allows us to quickly interact with our partners throughout the logistics chain and ensure the most efficient transport of your goods.

Calling to check the status of your transport? As a customer of Van Thiel Transport, this is not necessary. We will proactively keep you informed. So you can do business while we take care of your logistics.

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