Flexible and economical container transport with Less Than Container Load (LTL)

You want to transport your international sea freight at the best price. Van Thiel Transport offers customised container transport that is most advantageous for you. Less Than Container Load, or LCL transport, offers flexible container transport at a competitive price.

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Less Than Container Load means flexible transport of your sea freight

Once your goods are ready, you want to be able to ship them immediately. With Less Than Container Load, you don’t have to wait for a full container to be filled: you can immediately send your goods along with an available LCL transport.

Many shipowners offer fixed, regular transports. Van Thiel Transport has short lines of communication with ship carriers. This allows us to quickly have your partial cargo on board a ship to any destination worldwide.

Discover how Less Than Container Load makes your container transport more economical

In LCL shipments, partial loads from different senders are combined in a container. Freight charges are calculated based on the weight or volume of the goods. This is in contrast to Full Container Load, where you pay for the entire container. LCL transport is thus ideally suited for loads that do not use the full capacity of the container.

Full Container Load (FCL)

When your sea freight does include full container capacity, Van Thiel Transport offers Full Container Load (FCL). But having the full container at your disposal can also have advantages for your partial load. Factors such as delivery speed, budget and specific characteristics and vulnerabilities of your goods can determine your choice of transport. Van Thiel Transport helps make a decision that suits your transport needs.

Incoterms: agreed delivery terms for your LCL transport

The last thing you want with your LCL transport is (financial) damage. Incoterms offer you tools for making agreements. Van Thiel Transport can advise you on this.

Incoterm FCA-B is specifically relevant to Less Than Container Load.

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