Ensure trusted and stable transport with China

Trade with China relies on trust. To transport your goods, you want a reliable logistics partner. Van Thiel Transport has invested years to build a stable network within the logistics chain with China. With Van Thiel Transport as manager of your logistics with China, a certain trusted and stable transport is guaranteed.

Van Thiel Transport offers opportunities within logistics challenges with China

Doing business with China offers opportunities, but it can also be challenging. You have to deal with logistics issues such as customs procedures, regulations and long transport distances. You want to be able to rely on an experienced logistics partner with direct and reliable contacts within the logistics chain with China.

At Van Thiel Transport, we are aware of these challenges. Every year, we handle hundreds of shipments with China by air, sea and rail. This extensive experience has allowed Van Thiel Transport to develop efficient transport routes and close-knit logistics partnerships. So you can leave the transport of both incoming and outgoing goods to us with a safe feeling.

Netherlands important European gateway for China

China’s economy is one of the largest in the world and runs on exports of goods. China is one of the Netherlands’ largest trading partners. Of everything imported from China, about two-thirds leave the Netherlands unprocessed. For China, the Netherlands is an important gateway to the rest of Europe.

Incoterms: good agreements important for smooth global transport

Good arrangements with your Chinese business partner are essential for a smooth and secure transport. Van Thiel Transport helps you streamline documentation around your transport to and from China. The Incoterms are an important guide here. Incoterms, which stands for International Commercial Terms, are internationally defined agreements on the rights and obligations of buyers and sellers in international transport of goods. Incoterms define, for example, who arranges the transport and to where and who bears the risk in case of loss or damage.

Transparent transport by Van Thiel Transport

At Van Thiel Transport, we value personal and direct contact. After all, you want to know the status of your international shipment. We proactively keep you informed about the status of your transport to China. So you can do business and leave the logistics to us. You do the business, we do the logistics.

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