Economical road transport with Less Than Truckload (LTL) groupage transport

Looking for (cost-)efficient transport for your partial load? With Van Thiel Transport’s LTL groupage service, you transport efficiently and save on transport costs. Merging several shipments together maximises space in the truck. Transport costs are shared between the sending parties, which means cheaper transport for you.

Find out how much you can save on transporting your goods. When you request a quote, you will receive a response within an hour on business days on average!

Groupage: safe and sustainable

At Van Thiel Transport, we understand that safe delivery is important for your business. With the utmost care, our experienced drivers load your partial load into the truck. Our team of dedicated logistics professionals will put together an efficient route, avoiding unnecessary unloading and loading of your goods. We therefore proudly deliver 99% of joint shipments directly to their final destination. By doing so, we minimise any risk of damage to your goods.

In addition, pooling loads means fewer travel movements and therefore less CO2 emissions. With Van Thiel Transport’s LTL groupage service, you contribute to more sustainable logistics.

Less Than Truckload accessible road transport for smaller companies

Want to serve a larger sales market as a smaller company with economical road transport? Van Thiel Transport’s joint groupage shipments save you transport costs. This makes it easier for smaller companies to participate in road transport to destinations across Europe.

LTL or FTL? Always an optimal transport solution

Does your cargo fill the entire truck? Then Van Thiel Transport offers Full Truckload service. But even for smaller loads, FTL transport is sometimes a better solution. Time, budget and specific characteristics or vulnerabilities of your goods may cause you to book a full truck for a smaller load anyway.

Every cargo requires customised transport. Our expert staff will advise you on the best transport solution for your shipment:

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Discover how you can save on transporting your partial load?

Our expert staff will advise you on customised transport. Contact us now, or request a quote directly and receive a response within an hour on business days on average!

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