Arrange your logistics in Vietnam efficiently and reliably

Discover carefree logistics to and from Vietnam with Van Thiel Transport. With our strong, international logistics network, you outsource the entire logistics process with confidence. From transport to customs affairs, laws and regulations, documentation and warehousing: Van Thiel Transport is your reliable logistics partner.

Our extensive experience in logistics with Asia ensures efficient handling of your shipment. Van Thiel Transport knows the routes in transport and regulations for reliable and efficient transport to and from Vietnam and other Asian countries.

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Seize your business opportunities by getting your logistics right

Vietnam has a thriving trade relationship with Europe. The Netherlands is one of Vietnam’s largest trading partners within the EU.

By organising your logistics with Vietnam properly, you will benefit from the trade opportunities the country offers. Van Thiel Transport organises your entire logistics in Vietnam reliably and efficiently.

Extensive experience in global import and export

Every year, we handle hundreds of shipments to and from Vietnam, both by air and sea transport. Ships from Saigon and Danang arrive weekly at the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Van Thiel Transport arranges the entire logistics process for the fastest possible delivery of your goods, at any destination in Europe.

At home in customs affairs and laws and regulations

Through years of experience in logistics in Vietnam, we have built up great expertise on the entire logistics process.

Van Thiel Transport’s staff have extensive knowledge of international freight transport. Customs procedures, regulations, documentation and agreements: Van Thiel Transport supports, or takes care of the entire process for you.

Incoterms provide guidance for clear transport agreements

In logistics for Vietnam, you don’t want any surprises. Good agreements with your Vietnamese business partner are therefore important. By including an Incoterm in your transport agreement, it is clear to everyone which party has which responsibilities. This ensures reliable handling of your transport.

Van Thiel Transport helps you establish agreements using Incoterms. Incoterms, which stands for International Commercial Terms, are internationally defined agreements on the rights and obligations of buyers and sellers in international transport of goods. Incoterms define, for example, who arranges the transport and to where and who bears the risk in case of loss or damage.

Your entire logistics taken care of with peace of mind

You can turn to Van Thiel Transport for all logistics services. Not only do we take care of transport and everything involved, we also provide low-cost (cross-border) warehousing. This way, you are always assured of flexible delivery of your international goods.

What if we don’t we have the expertise in-house? Then we have the network to take care of it for you. We always remain your central point of contact for all your logistics questions.

Always informed about the status of your transport

At Van Thiel Transport, we like to be transparent about the status of your transport. That’s why we keep you up-to-date on your international shipment at all times. This allows you to do business while handing over logistics with a confident feeling.

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