Reliable global transport of goods by land, sea and air

For your business, reliable and secure international delivery of your goods is very important. At Van Thiel Transport, we understand that there is a lot involved in global transport. Your goods travel by land, sea and air and you will have to deal with customs issues and laws and regulations. With our experience and expertise, we are your reliable partner for the smooth handling of your international logistics.

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Fast, economical and secure worldwide delivery in top quality

The staff at Van Thiel Transport ensure the most efficient transport possible to suit your goods and requirements. This way, we see to it that your international shipment is transported as quickly, economically and safely as possible. Full Container Load (FCL), Less Than Truck Load (LCL), heated, refrigerated and frozen cargo: every cargo is in trusted hands with us.

With Van Thiel Transport as your logistics partner, you are assured that your goods arrive at their destination in top quality.

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Short lines of communication with our solid international logistics network

Through years of experience, Van Thiel Transport has built an extensive network within the international logistics chain. Every day, Van Thiel Transport handles inbound and outbound transports, to and from destinations outside Europe. For example, we receive daily shipments at Schiphol Airport and at the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. After arrival, we provide customised transport for delivery of your goods anywhere in Europe. We also ensure the smooth handling of your shipment by land, sea and air to, for example, the United States and Asian countries such as China and India.

We provide transport to and from:

Your reliable partner in the entire global logistics process

You want to hand over not only the transport, but the entire international logistics process with peace of mind. Van Thiel Transport is also the right place for other logistics services. For example, we offer cross-border warehousing, where international goods are stored in Europe pending order. Since your goods are already in Europe, this means they will be delivered quickly to your European customer. An indispensable service in a world where fast delivery is the standard.

We also handle customs clearance and are familiar with the laws and regulations surrounding your transport to and from destinations outside Europe. This will prevent delays and therefore extra costs in your international transport.

Clear agreements with Incoterms

In your global transport, you don’t want to face any (financial) surprises. Clear agreements on costs, risks and responsibilities are very important in international logistics. Incoterms provides a set of global agreements for a clear division of responsibilities regarding transport between you and your customer. Van Thiel Transport advises you on which Incoterms best suit your transport.

Always informed about the status of your transport

As a central point of contact, Van Thiel Transport is your spider in the international logistics web. We value personal contact. Throughout the transport process, we maintain short lines of communication with our logistics partners and with you. Our staff will proactively keep you informed about the status of your shipment. So you can hand over the global transport of your goods with peace of mind. You do the business, we do the logistics.

Want to know to make your international logistics more efficient?

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