Safe and reliable ADR road transport of hazardous substances

Looking for safe and reliable road transport for your hazardous cargo? With Van Thiel Transport’s trained and certified staff, your ADR goods are in trusted hands.

Safety and reliability are central to the transport of hazardous materials. Van Thiel Transport knows the routes and the rules for efficient and economical ADR transport.

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Quality and safety: a common thread at Van Thiel Transport

Quality and safety are high priorities company-wide at Van Thiel Transport.

The drivers of your dangerous cargo: qualified and competent

To ensure the quality of your ADR transport, Van Thiel Transport’s drivers are trained to transport hazardous substances. Every five years, they attend a refresher course to keep their competence and skills up to date. Thus, we continuously monitor the safe loading, unloading, transport and storage of your hazardous transport.

(Cost-)efficient ADR transport through experience and expertise

Besides drivers, other employees within Van Thiel Transport are also trained to work with hazardous substances. We use this expertise for efficient transport. Knowledge of the rules reduces delays during any checks. In addition, planners are aware of the routes that hazardous substances are and are not allowed to travel. Efficient and speedy transport of your ADR goods means lower transport costs.

What does ADR mean (to you)?

To prevent damage to people, goods and the living environment, rules for the transport of hazardous substances are set out in the ADR. ADR stands for ‘Accord relatif au transport international de marchandises Dangereuses par Route’. ADR provides regulations for the transport of hazardous substances that apply across Europe.

The ADR classifies hazardous substances according to their hazard properties. This classification is the basis for the conditions under which these goods are transported. This includes transport documents, labelling, packaging, routes and employee training.

Each link in the logistics chain has its own safety obligations in the transport of hazardous substances. Van Thiel Transport’s staff can advise and guide you on the ADR issues that apply to you.

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