Easy and fast parcel shipping for your webshop within Europe

Do you have a webshop and are you looking for a carrier to deliver your orders in the Netherlands or Europe? Whether it is daily or weekly delivery, our transport vans are ready for you. Van Thiel Transport’s drivers specialise in transporting large, fragile or valuable goods. Our drivers transport your shipment safely and quickly, ensuring that your (private) customers receive their order as soon as possible.

Efficient shipping for webshops in the Netherlands or Europe

Reliable and secure parcel shipping is important for webshops and for customers. It is also important for customers to know the status of delivery.

Van Thiel Transport guarantees the best possible shipment during which customers are kept well informed. By planning our routes as efficiently as possible and almost never reloading, we save time and minimise the risk of damage. Customers are also kept informed of the status of their delivery with our tracking system. With us, you can outsource the delivery of your orders with peace of mind.

Affordable transport for webshops

When you send your own staff out, you have fewer people to process orders. By outsourcing the transport of your shipments to us, you save on transport costs and can use your own staff to grow your business.

Thanks to our extensive network in the Netherlands and Europe, we can offer you low-cost transport. The rate depends on the number of addresses, e.g. within the Benelux.

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Need affordable and reliable transport for your webshop?

Looking for a carrier to deliver your orders in the Netherlands or Europe? On business days, receive a response and/or quote within an hour on average.

Receive a response and/or quote within 1 hour on business days on average.