Your foodstuffs transported in a perfectly temperature-controlled
environment and 
delivered exactly on time anywhere in Europe.

We are ready to assist you with any shipment of foodstuffs within Europe. You can rely on your products being transported in a perfectly temperature-controlled environment. All of our vans are able to transport goods at temperatures ranging from -20°C to +25°C, with as many as three different temperature zones in a single transport. As a result, your frozen, chilled and heated products can be transported to any location in Europe during the same journey.

Three different temperatures possible during one journey:

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Several journeys per week
to the heart of all major European cities

With our vans, we deliver your shipment right into the heart of major European cities quickly and inexpensively. In many cases,
it is considerably less expensive to transport your products using one of our vans than a lorry.
Delivery to the centre of major cities is also faster, as our vans can access all areas with ease.

We already operate scheduled services to the following cities:

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Transport that can be flexibly partitioned

You can partition each shipment yourself, ensuring optimum utilisation of every centimetre of the 26m2 in our vans. You can choose several means of transport for each journey: roller containers, block pallets and Euro pallets.

We are happy to work with you on any shipment

Do you have cargo that you would like to transport? We will help you find the right solution. You can rely on us to deliver your foodstuffs anywhere in Europe. How can we help you with your shipment?

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Commercial Director

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