Daily transport to the Ruhr region: your cargo on the move quickly and cost-effectively

Need transport to the Ruhr region in Germany? We deliver shipments within the Ruhr region on a daily basis with our scheduled rvices. This allows us to schedule your transport quickly so that your shipment reaches its destination quickly.
Our drivers have extensive experience in ADR transport for dangerous goods. We are also at your service for collecting shipments om the Ruhr region.

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Road transport to the Ruhr region

Looking for scheduled services for your cargo to the Ruhr region? Van Thiel Transport offers various transport solutions:

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Groupage transport: efficient and sustainable road transport to the Ruhr region

With groupage transport to the Ruhr region, your cargo is transported more sustainably and efficiently. Partial loads from fferent consignors are grouped together, making full use of the lorry. The transport costs are shared among the various consignors, ducing your transport costs.

By using cargo space efficiently, we reduce the number of trips and resulting CO2 emissions. By choosing groupage transport with n Thiel Transport, you contribute to sustainable logistics.

Our drivers load partial consignments with the utmost care to ensure their safe transport. Thanks to efficient planning, your goods not need to be reloaded on 99% of our groupage transports. This significantly minimises the risk of damage to your freight.

Freight transport to the Ruhr: transport to Germany’s former industrial heartland

The Ruhr region is located close to the Dutch border, making road transport ideal for transporting loads to this region. Every day, r drivers drive to major cities in the Ruhr region, such as Dortmund, Essen, Duisburg and Bochum. With Van Thiel Transport’s gistics network, your cargo is guaranteed to reach its destination quickly and cost-effectively.

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