Cross-border warehousing

More and more goods are shipped from all over the world – and especially China – to warehouses in Europe before they are sold online. This is known as cross-border warehousing and it ensures that shoppers in Europe can get their online purchases as quickly as possible.

Our company is specialised in this service and we receive many containers of goods in Rotterdam and Antwerp for online sale which we distribute throughout Europe, including to Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Italy and Spain.

Warehousing in the Netherlands
We use a partner warehouse in Bergschenhoek for the storage and transshipment

of containers we receive from all over the world.  We have nearly 5000 m² of storage

in this warehouse. All incoming consignments are carefully inspected.

Our warehouse is customs approved and AEO certified,

so we can also receive category T1 goods.

Warehousing in Barendrecht
We use a partner warehouse in Barendrecht for the storage and transshipment of refrigerated

containers (reefers) we receive from all over the world.

Of course we will also ensure that the goods are cleared and seen by an inspector,

which is a requirement in many cases.

Warehousing in China – Shenzhen
Even in China (the Shenzhen region) we can be of service to you with our bonded warehouse. We ensure that your goods are collected from the various sites in China (EX-works) and brought to our warehouse, where we load the container for you. This is then delivered to the destination you have specified, anywhere in the world.

我們可以幫助貴客貨物由不同在中國的地點(出廠價)收取和送到我們的倉庫, 在那裡再幫助貴客貨物裝入貨櫃內, 然後運送到貴客所指定的國際牲地點。

Felixstowe transshipment point (UK)

The English port of Felixstowe receives many hundreds of containers every year.

We process a huge number of containers here. The containers are transferred

to a lorry and delivered to destinations all over Europe.

In Felixstowe we have the capacity to transship more than 100 containers per week.

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