Your sea freight reliably handled at the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp

For years, Van Thiel Transport has handled hundreds of incoming and outgoing sea cargoes at the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. This extensive experience has allowed us to build a reliable and close-knit network in these ports and beyond.

With our short lines of communication around the world, we can move quickly for the most efficient transport of your container freight.

And in the meantime, Van Thiel Transport also maintains contact with you: throughout the entire process, we keep you informed. This way, we guarantee a carefree process of your international logistics by sea.

Want to discover how your international transport through the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp can be handled more efficiently? Contact us now and receive a response within an hour on business days on average.

Experience cost-effective and secure shipping of your global goods via European ports

You want to ship your goods economically, safely and deliver them in top quality. For the most efficient and safest transport, Van Thiel Transport’s expert staff consider which type of transport best suits your sea freight.
Think FCL, LCL, temperature-controlled transport, but also special packaging for fragile goods. This way, we ensure that your goods arrive safely and without damage at the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and at their overseas destination.

In addition, Van Thiel Transport assists in making proper transport arrangements using Incoterms. This will prevent (financial) damage during the container transport of your sea freight.

Customised delivery to the rest of Europe

After removal and clearance, Van Thiel Transport delivers your goods anywhere in Europe. For each cargo, the fastest and most affordable transport is calculated.

With Full Container Load, the container goes directly to its final destination. In Less Than Container Load, the cargo is removed from the container and transported further in a combined LTL groupage transport. Even when your cargo requires special handling, such as in temperature-controlled transport, reloading may be necessary.

Fast delivery and economical storage through strategic cross-border warehousing

Want to shorten the delivery time of your international goods? Increasingly, goods from around the world are being moved to warehouses in Europe before being offered. Cross-border warehousing gives customers short delivery times, as the international product is already in Europe at the time of ordering.

For goods that do not (directly) enter the European market, Van Thiel Transport offers economical storage in our partner warehouses in Pijnacker, Moerdijk and Rotterdam. Strategically located near the port of Rotterdam, these warehouses offer nearly 10,000 m2 of surface storage space.

Our partner warehouses are also AEO-certified bonded warehouses. This offers advantages during customs clearance. If the product does not enter the European market, but travels on outside the EU, you will not pay import duties and taxes on products temporarily stored in these warehouses.

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Carefree export, import and storage via the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp?

Get in touch now and discover how Van Thiel Transport can make all logistics through the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp more efficient. On business days, receive a response and/or quote within an hour on average.

Receive a response and/or quote within 1 hour on business days on average.